23 August 2016

sailing on the hudson.

over the weekend, we set sail on an old schooner along the hudson river.

this has been on my summer bucket list for ages. i read about it years ago -- maybe five years ago? -- and bookmarked it someday, in new york, with my someone. i meant for us to go last summer, but the days got away from us, and i was determined that another summer wouldn't pass us by. if not now, when?!

so we sailed for hours down the river and right alongside lady liberty. the captain encourages picnicking, so i picked up lobster rolls, root beer, and old bay fries from chelsea market, and the skippers served rosé. it was thrilling -- having that perspective on the city at sunset, the sails whipping wildly as they rose, seagulls squawking above us, bobbing in the wake of boats passing by, the wind tousling our hair. it was just another adventure with my best friend.

19 August 2016

we put our feet just where they had, had to go.

one glittering night in july, my lovely friend meg snapped photograph after photograph of us out and about in our city -- him in a crisp shirt & dark jeans, me in heels he gave me for christmas & a ring he gave me for life.

i am deeply thankful to meg for capturing this time -- this sweet, brief time -- and these places, all so dear to us, to our story. the corner where we met for a blind date. a bookstore we frequent. the west village streets we so often stroll, just talking. this is our new york -- the tangle of streets of what it means to be him & me.

16 August 2016

small things i want to remember --

rose bath oil. sandal tan lines. whipping fresh cream for strawberry shortcake. how his hair curls in salt air, how i hope our someday babes get that from him. blush colored wedding shoes. girlfriends & lobster rolls. arriving on a late train from rhode island to find him awaiting me at penn station, supper on the counter, daises on the table. coming home to him, Home.

15 August 2016

weekend on shelter island.

we ventured out to shelter island for the weekend to celebrate our friend tim's birthday. the timing of our escape to the coast couldn't have been nicer, for the heat index in new york has soared to one hundred and eleven degrees this week, and the bay water and salty breeze promised -- and delivered -- hours on hours of sweet relief.

these days made me slap happy. we sipped prosecco, splashed in the pool, enjoyed pulled pork and burgers and grilled corn, dipped our toes in the rolling bay water, delighted in the charming victorian architecture of the island, toasted s'mores over a beach bonfire, watched the olympics, made fast friends with the darling littles of the group, and breakfasted on buttery coffee cake from the local bakery.

on the way there, we paused in mattituck to gawk at roadside sunflower fields. on the way home, we stopped for a basket of peaches, a paper bag of apple cider donuts to be had with morning coffee, and one bunch of french lavender from the lavender farm by the bay. we scattered the stems across the treehouse in tall glass bottles.

these are the days of deep summer.